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Transition & Support Living

Transportation is an important social determinant in the person’s ability to have access an appropriate healthcare. Reliable transportation can provide access to purchase nutritious food, and otherwise care for him- or herself.  To maintain your health and well-being we offer our services to:

The elderly
People with disabilities
Low-income individuals and families Veterans.

Also Senior Care Navigator Group helps people with special healthcare needs, who often must travel long distances to access care.
Our goal is offer a transportation services that can allow the elderly and people with disabilities to live successfully.

Alzheimer & Dementia Care Support

Have the responsibility of caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can be a long, stressful, and intensely emotional journey. 

As the disease progresses affecting cognitive, physical, and functional abilities gradually diminish over time, caregivers may feel overwhelmed, disheartened, and neglect your own health and well-being that also affects the patient. Identifying this problem early is essential for your health to avoid depression problems, high levels of stress, or even burnout. Usually caregivers can experience sadness, anxiety, loneliness, and exhaustion. Seeking help and support from professional groups like us can be of great help to you and your love ones.

Support Employment

It is a model of employment created for people with severe disabilities, where these patient need special support to get success in a competitive work environment. Senior Care Navigator Group offer nursing vocational assessment, locate or develop jobs, and provide job skills training for our patient. Helping our client to learn job tasks, identify job modifications including assistive technology, is our goal in these cases, this is a job we carry out with the employer to solve behavioral or social problems helping to include these people into the social system.

Social Service Assessment

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