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With Care Management the person gets benefit from a wide variety of support and community services. Through integrated programs to extend beyond your current clinical care, we will help your chronic medical conditions.  

This service does not focus on the part of you that is ill in a purely clinical sense, the main focus is on the entire person. We understand your condition and the needs you experience as a result of your illness are not all clinical, Senior Care Navigator Group has the right group of professionals to go through this process together. We are Authorized CNA's (Certified Nursing Assistants) in Palm Beach County area.

medication management

As people age, they can develop multiple chronic conditions, a correct medication management is essential, which means that the person can receive several prescription drugs from more than one prescriber. Avoid accidentally missing or doubling doses it is something that cannot happen. Medication management is a set of practices to prevent these things from happening. We are here to help you, bringing you the medication and recommendations to improve your daily health.

Chronic Care Management

A chronic condition is any condition that limits your daily activities or requires regular medical care for at least a year.
"CCM" (Chronic Care Management) is for members with two or more chronic conditions.
We can help you managing your condition through "CCM"
How works? All your medications, appointments, and services will be managed by one healthcare provider.
Also Chronic Care Management (CCM) helps members with chronic conditions receive coordinated care and reach their treatment goals.

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